Invest in the coming blockchain revolution of the events industry.

As an Artelize Partout holder you are not only getting a ton of special benefits and unique experiences, but you may possibly have made the investment of a lifetime.


A unique partnership.

To celebrate the US launch of Artelize, we decided to join forces with

in a special partnership to mint the first edition of the Artelize NFT.


Artelize is joining the blockchain revolution in the events industry.

The Artelize Partout is a unique blockchain token that in time could develop into a veritable partout card with access to unique events, content and experiences all over the world.



why Entertainment NFTs are a top future investment opportunity. That additionally adds the value of unique benefits before a possible lucrative resale.


Join the Artelize Partout Club.

Build your network in style.

As an Artelize NFT holder you become a member of a very special club. A membership that in time will make sure you are always first in line to all tickets, special events, meet-ups and private concerts exclusively for Artelize NFT Club holders.

Other benefits could be discounts on restaurants, hotels, and travels, etc. In other words, the potential benefits are more or less endless.

An investment with benefits.

Artelize Partout holders become a vital part of our future development and what benefits Artelize will benefit you.

Therefore, your NFT investment is working for you and the entire Artelize community every day. In short, this means that any special premium value and special service we offer at any given time will be yours to enjoy and utilize at your discretion.


Betting on the future of the trillion dollar experience economy.

With this NFT purchase you bet on the future of a trillion dollar industry that grows with 4-5% every year. You also bet on Artelize, a one of a kind company building the future marketplace for the performing arts world. With a little bit of imagination you can probably see the immense opportunity in gathering all information and transactions of the performing arts in one location.

The "Why"

We want to make performing arts a better place to be for everyone involved.

A better place for our dedicated audiences and people taking part in communities around our many amazing artforms. Not least all professionals in the ecosystem such as artists, teams in arts organizations, in educational institutions, artist managements, labels, media, etc.

The Team

We are a team with decades of experience within performing arts and technology.

Driven by the love for this field and deep experience in building products and services to help the ecosystem reach their goals even faster. Every day, we strive to make that killer feature which enables the success of our customers.