Super powers for performing arts professionals.

It's like an assistant working for you 24/7.

Get instant answers to your artistic planning questions and spot new developments early.


Dive deep in data covering everything happening in your field.

Easy and fast search and filtering lets you zoom in on the works, performers or concepts that make up your future program.

Artelize uses artificial intelligence for collecting the information that would normally take you hours and days - or weeks - to overview.


Set up custom alerts and stay ahead of the game.

Say goodbye to fear of missing out. Easily customize alerts to stay on top of events and avoid overlooking important news about artists, world premieres, events or other arts orgs.

Your alerts dashboard allows you full control at a glance. It's the perfect companion for you as an artistic administrator or director.


Communicate smoothly with insiders and outsiders.

Organize your work in projects to match your productions. Invite team members to collaborate. Guests, such as guest conductors or artist managers, can contribute to isolated parts of your project without any sign-up required.


The Performing Arts Knowledge Graph operates backstage.

Knowing how cumbersome it is for artistic administrators and directors to get the information they need, our team sat down and thought: "Why not get them everything there is to know?".

And the Performing Arts Knowledge Graph was born.

It is a happy marriage between deep knowledge about performing arts and the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


The "Why"

We want the performing arts to be a all inclusive and better place for everyone involved.

People attending performances and taking part in communities around performing arts. Not least, all professionals such as artists, teams within arts organizations, in educational institutions and other supporting businesses; such as artist management, labels and media.

The Team

We are a team with decades of experience within performing arts and technology.

Driven by the love for performing arts with a deep collective experience in building products and services to help the ecosystem reach their goals even faster and more efficiently. Every day, we strive to create that killer feature which enables the success of our customers.