The new way to reach, retain and grow your audience.

Audience Enhancement by Artelize places your performing arts offerings right in the middle of an industry specific environment, where the audience is ready to locate and engage with you.

It’s the perfect place to grow your audience - or get those back who’ve been away for a couple of years.


Let AI be your assistant in developing your audience.

Artelize is using custom-built artificial intelligence to make sure your audience development can reach its full potential.

You already have exciting programming and beautiful marketing content. We enrich that foundation to maximize its effect and accessibility in the market.

Finally, we share analytics with your team on how you perform.

Artelize is growing fast. Review the platform metrics of the most recent 30 days.


Share of events discovered via other site content


Organizations tracked on Artelize

+ 61%


Current US Audience



Estimated Audience May 2023


More results from the same effort.

It’s a new way of using AI to automate all the high-maintenance tasks and let you focus on what matters. What to program? What to message?

No updating of systems, repetitive communication tasks, technical website optimization, moving data around, additional campaigning, more emailing and sponsored posts.

Maximum output of your effort is the result.

Enriched events for improved engagement.

We already display all of your events for audiences to discover.

As a Member, your organization’s events are enriched with more accessible information about performers and programming. Also, ticket availability and pricing is added.

It’s a bit like a sponsored post on Social Media - the big difference, it’s automatic


Your audience is kept up-to-date.

Information regarding your events is prepared automatically and our AI messages your audience of important topics related to these.

You can also message your audience directly via communication to your followers. Followers* on Artelize are either performing arts audience members or other professionals in the field.

* As a time-limited offer when you join as a Member in Q2, 2023, we provide refunds when people follow you. For each follower your organization gets, we credit your account.

Increase the monetization of your events with the Digital Auditorium.

Many audience members are not able to attend your surrounding events, such as artist talks, pre-performance lectures, season presentations and preview, competitions - you name it.

The Digital Auditorium lets them attend at home with the flexibility - and the monetization options - that follow.

And yes, you can also livestream the actual event in the Digital Auditorium. Maybe your programming is relevant to an audience not able to travel to your venue?


Receive donations hassle-free.

Donations are the result of years of hard work and focused attention to an ever-increasing involvement of your audience with your organization.

On Artelize, the donation feature is linked to important events in the life cycle of a donor - ideal for the first small donations and then taking the first steps into supporting your organization.

Upcoming: Later in 2023 we will launch a donor funnel to be able to manage potential patrons in a more granular manner.

Understand what’s going on with Analytics.

Audience Enhancement Analytics focus on providing the insight you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your Membership.

Metrics on viewership of your content form the basics. From there you can analyze the different paths audiences follow towards your key conversion goals and also get a breakdown of how your followers interact with the performing arts in general.

It’s all set-up in a way which takes goals of performing arts organizations into account.



Start engaging more audience members.

The plans have been created so you can start for free and grow with the results created by the platform. Pricing and features have been designed so any arts organization, small or large, can find a sweet spot.

Any Member joining on a paid plan before June 30, 2023 will get $1 credited their account per follower joining Artelize.


Free forever

The ideal place to start for smaller organizations producing no more than 2-3 shows annually.

Edit your page branding

Add up to 3 extra events

One automatically enhanced event

Single donations (20% fee)

Events, video and follower metrics last 30 days

1 team member

Email support




Edit your page branding

Add unlimited events

Add up to 10 videos

20 enhanced events

Message up to 250 followers

Single donations (10% fee)

1 year data on metrics

1 team member

Email & chat support

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Prepaid annually

Edit your page branding

Add unlimited events

Add unlimited videos

50 enhanced events

Message up to 1,000 followers

Digital Auditorium with up to 50 participants/event

Single & recurring donations (10% fee)

Conversion funnel metrics, eternal data retention

3 team members

Email & chat support

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Prepaid annually

Edit your page branding

Add unlimited events

Add unlimited videos

100 enhanced events

Message up to 2,500 followers

Digital Auditorium with up to 150 participants

Digital Auditorium tipping

Single & recurring donations (5% fee)

Follower analytics

5 team members

Email & chat support, dedicated acc. manager

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Custom pricing

Customized for the needs of your team

Unlimited volumes

Unlimited team members

Integrations & API

Customized Digital Auditorium

Invoice billing

Advanced Donor Funnel

Custom Analytics

Single Sign-on


The "Why"

We want the performing arts to be a all inclusive and better place for everyone involved.

People attending performances and taking part in communities around performing arts. Not least, all professionals such as artists, teams within arts organizations, in educational institutions and other supporting businesses; such as artist management, labels and media.

The Team

We are a team with decades of experience within performing arts and technology.

Driven by the love for performing arts with a deep collective experience in building products and services to help the ecosystem reach their goals even faster and more efficiently. Every day, we strive to create that killer feature which enables the success of our customers.