La Cenerentola

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2021/2022 Season will open with a new production of the bel canto opera masterpiece, "La Cenerentola". This opera buffa is one of the most admired piece by the Italian greatest composer Gioachino ROSSINI, and is an opera version of the familiar Cinderella story. This masterpiece is brimming with all the appeal of the composer, from the delightful ensembles and the richly ornate arias to the swelling climax with agilita. Angelina's aria "Naqui all'affano, al pianto" in the final act is a magnificent mezzo-soprano aria and is often performed on its own.</p>

<p>The production is directed by AGUNI Jun, one of the best directors at interpreting Italian operas. The title role of Angelina is performed by WAKIZONO Aya, who is based in Italy and whose talent further blossoms with the passing of the years. Don Ramiro is performed by the talented Rossini singer René BARBERA, who appeared with WAKIZONO in "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" in 2020. In the role of Don Magnifico is the famous basso-buffo, Alessandro CORBELLI, while Alidoro is performed by Gabriele SAGONA, who has been acclaimed for many bel canto roles. Expectations are high for this sparkling ensemble. Bel Canto opera has been becoming a popular genre at NNTT year by year, and "La Cenerentola" conveys the sheer pleasure of opera as it opens the new


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