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About</a> <div> <div> <p>Following on the huge success of "Beethoven v. Coldplay," "Brahms v. Radiohead" is conductor <strong>Steve Hackman</strong>'s epic symphonic synthesis of <strong>Radiohead</strong>'s album <em>OK Computer</em> and <strong>Johannes Brahms</strong>' First Symphony, utilizing a full 70-piece orchestra and three pop vocalists.</p><p>The piece stays in the romantic sound world of Brahms, using only the instruments he would have used to debut his Symphony, but woven in, superimposed, and inserted are the melodies and music of Radiohead. At times we hear the melodies and words of Radiohead suspended over Brahms’ original music; at times we hear the orchestra playing the music of Radiohead but with the dense counterpoint of Brahms. Every combination is explored, and we constantly move from one to the other — but the piece is seamless and many times the audience is left wondering which is which, and how the combination was even possible.

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