Chamber music

Chamber Music: Vienna Piano Trio

Cal Performances

Berkeley, CA, United States

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Among the world’s leading chamber ensembles, the Vienna Piano Trio excels at refined, expressive interpretations of work</span><span>s by Schube</span><span>rt, Brahms,</span><span> and H</span><span>aydn. The ensemble makes its Cal Performances debut in a rare—and final—West Coast appearance, offering Berkeley audiences a deep dive into Schubert’s magnificent chamber music, performing the composer’s two piano trios back-to-back. </span></p> <p><span>The B-flat Trio is an infectiously lively and lyrical work, among the most revered chamber pieces in the repertoire; the E-flat Trio traverses darker and more ominous terrain. Both works were composed in 1827, a year before Schubert’s death at </span><span>age 31</span><span>—taken together, they contain multitudes.

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