Make your performing arts programs visible to new students.

... or the people paying the tuition - their parents!

Performing Arts Departments host a lot of events. Artelize is a new way of making sure everyone who could be a student at your campus discovers the events, and gains interest in your performing arts programs.


It’s a funnel for recruiting future students.

Artelize has made the perfect discovery solution for your designated audience to discover your events, audition calls and academic programs.

You already have beautiful marketing content. We enrich that content with metadata.

What you gain is visibility.

Finally, we share analytics with your marketing team on how you perform.


It’s the

show it - don’t tell it


Students of performing arts programs dream of performing.

What better way to show them a way to fulfilling that dream than through the performances of your students - at your campus.


Four simple steps make it an enjoyable process.


AI makes sure your events are up-to-date

Your events or audition calls are continuously updated by our unique AI technology: The Artelize Performing Arts Knowledge Graph. This is the key to student discovery.


Add special content directly on Artelize

Maybe you have extra material suited for the event on Artelize? Then it can always be added in case our AI did not catch it.


Traffic-generating marketing pages

Our technology generates all the necessary pages to make sure your events get discovered from diverse areas of interest using search engine optimization.*


Understand the value with analytics

Get an improved understanding of who’s interested in your events or organization via our in-app analytics.

* Artelize pages for all faculty and students who perform and are mentioned on your events pages are automatically created.


Start reaching more future students

You get the most value by purchasing prepaid packages. However, a pay-as-you-go model is also available at a subscription fee. Our early bird offers you a money back guarantee.




Featured content spots

$1.00/event link click

$0.05/event page view

Click Analytics

Email & Chat support

Fair billing - unused funds are extended into the next billing cycle.

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Prepaid annually

Enhanced content

$0.50/event link click

Unlimited page views

Advanced Analytics

Student Funnel

Email & Chat support

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Customized pricing

Customized for the needs of your team

Unlimited requests

Team Management

Adv. Student Funnel


Custom Analytics

Dedicated Acc. Manager


The "Why"

We want the performing arts to be a all inclusive and better place for everyone involved.

People attending performances and taking part in communities around performing arts. Not least, all professionals such as artists, teams within arts organizations, in educational institutions and other supporting businesses; such as artist management, labels and media.

The Team

We are a team with decades of experience within performing arts and technology.

Driven by the love for performing arts with a deep collective experience in building products and services to help the ecosystem reach their goals even faster and more efficiently. Every day, we strive to create that killer feature which enables the success of our customers.

* Images courtesy of Unsplash,

Gabriella Faith Henderson, Ketan Rajput


Brett Wharton