Chamber music

OVERTURE CONCERT I Reicha And Mendelssohn


Atherton, CA, United States

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The Overture Concerts feature International Program performers in collaboration with festival main-stage artists, providing a unique experience for audience members and musicians alike. This summer, International Program artists will perform across two concert programs side by side with violinists Bella Hristova, James Thompson, and Tien-Hsin Cindy Wu, violists Matthew Lipman and Paul Neubauer, cellist Mihai Marica, pianist Shai Wosner, and clarinetist Tommaso Lonquich.

This concert series functions as an “overture” to the future of chamber music: world-renowned festival artists share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with the burgeoning International Program musicians as they perform side by side. The artists collectively bridge the gap between the traditions of the past, the master performers of today, and the exciting musical possibilities of tomorrow. Please join us to experience the fruits of their collaboration and to witness a glimpse of the bright future of chamber


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