Sollazzo Ensemble: Cantano gli angeli—Sacred Medieval Music | Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA Tickets 2024



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Sollazzo Ensemble: Cantano gli angeli—Sacred Medieval Music

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For the opening concert of our 2022 Festival, we eagerly welcome the Basel-based Sollazzo Ensemble in their long-awaited American and Festival debut.Around 1320, two French treatises revolutionized the music world: Ars Novae Musicae by Jean de Muris, and the collection Ars Nova, attributed to Philippe de Vitry. From these writings sprung a new chapter of Western music: rich and ornate melodies, dense polyphony and novel rhythmic patterns are wove...

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1 dates (5 Jun - 5 Jun)





4:00 pm

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

Berkeley, CA, United States

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This is a past event

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