BODYTRAFFIC at Laguna Dance Festival | Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach, CA Tickets 2024



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BODYTRAFFIC at Laguna Dance Festival

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BODYTRAFFIC’s August 12 performance will start at 7:30 pm and will feature performances titled “A Million Voices”, which is inspired and will be accompanied by the music of Peggy Lee, and “Pacopepepluto”, which will feature three solo performances set to the music of Dean Martin, the “King of Cool”. BODYTRAFFIC’s dancers come from around the world and now call Los Angeles home, founded in 2007 by Artistic Director, Tina Finkelman Berkett and Lill...

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1 dates (12 Aug - 12 Aug)





7:30 pm

Laguna Beach High School

Laguna Beach, CA, United States

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This is a past event

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