Vivaldi’s Four Seasons featuring Play With Ray

Los Angeles Philharmonic

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Famed Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi’s most performed and well-loved violin concertos, The Four Seasons, are uncanny in the way they can convey in sound so many feelings and images from the passage of time and weather over the course of a year. But there’s more! This program will also reveal the winner of Play with Ray, a contest which received more than 800 entries from around the world, sent by amateurs ranging in age from 6 to 76. The chosen violinist will play the first movement of Bach’s Double Concerto, side by side with Ray Chen on the Hollywood Bowl stage. The finalists are Adriana Bec, 13, of San Antonio, Texas; Youngji Kim, 22, of Daegu, South Korea; and Laura Kukkonen, 17, of Helsinki.

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