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Raphaëlle Boitel / Cie l’Oubliée


Williams Center for the Arts link is thrilled to present the spectacular event, Raphaëlle Boitel / Cie l’Oubliée. Secure your tickets for the incredible show.

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The 2019 Williams Center debut of Raphaëlle Boitel’s company l’Oublié(e) introduced audiences to the stunning aesthetic of this French choreographer, director, and aerial mastermind. With extraordinarily fluid body movement, evocative visual style, and dramatic spatial sense, Boitel tells emotional, moving stories shaped by darkness and light. Shadows Cast is a quest for identity, where familial secrets—like ghosts hiding in the past—unfold in a ...

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1 dates (6 Apr - 6 Apr)





8:00 pm

Lafayette College

Easton, PA, United States

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This is a past event

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