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Palazzo Pfanner – Concert


Virtuoso & Belcanto link is thrilled to present the spectacular event, Palazzo Pfanner – Concert. Secure your tickets for the incredible show.

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Join us at 19:00 for an unforgettable concert featuring the talented Leonkoro Quartet, along with esteemed musicians Bruno Giuranna on viola and Alain Meunier on cello. Delight in the ethereal melodies of Anton Webern's "Langsamer Satz" and E. Schulhoff's captivating "5 Stücke für Streichquartett." The pinnacle of the night will be the mesmerizing performance of J. Brahms' String Sextet in B flat major op. 18. Prepare to be mesmerized by the virt...

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1 dates (21 Jul - 21 Jul)





7:00 pm

Palazzo Pfanner

Lucca, Italy

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This is a past event

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