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How to avoid the rehearsal room trap.

You spend fortunes on teachers. But what about your career? 

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 Campaign Management
The Career Booster lines up a smorgasboard of ideas for effective promotions.

Promote event - after content has been generated

The Career Booster writes impactful and converting texts for you in 30 secs.

The Career Booster creates a beautiful website that is always up to date.

Your own campaign manager

Get proposals for what to post and when.

Have it all organized ready for posting at the right time.

That’s what the promotion overview does in a nutshell.

And it also puts your past events and performance history to good use!


Generate engaging content in just 30 secs.
Content creation is one of the most demanding disciplines - and super frustrating if it’s not your dayjob!

With the Career Booster you choose an event, adjust the style settings and get three proposals in less than 30 secs.

Then you can edit, save for later or copy to a new SoMe post.


It’s actually great fun!


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A free Artelize page that does the job automatically.
Artist websites are expensive and often live a life of their own: Dated information, little or no traffic... well, sometimes just half broken.

Career Booster automates your Artelize website 100% and makes sure to update and optimize it all the time. So you’re always on top of Google searches.

That’s called maximum visibility!


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