My Lord, What a Night

The Wallis

Beverly Hills, CA, United States

A new drama based on the real-life friendship between two icons of the 20th century who dealt with the injustices of a highly divided era in American history. In 1937, after performing in Princeton, New Jersey, legendary Black contralto Marian Anderson is denied lodging at the Nassau Inn because of her race. When physicist Albert Einstein invites her to stay at his home, the two form a profound friendship that would last a lifetime, rooted in their love for music and their commitment to human rights. Based on true events, My Lord, What a Night takes us into Einstein’s home and imagines the conversations and circumstances that led to Anderson’s historic concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the beginning of the civil rights movement. Sheldon Epps (Blues in the Night) returns to The Wallis to direct the production.

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