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God Save the King! – Hervé Niquet & Le Concert Spirituel


Gstaad Menuhin Festival link is thrilled to present the spectacular event, God Save the King! – Hervé Niquet & Le Concert Spirituel. Secure your tickets for the incredible show.

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God save the King… and God save Handel, the most English of German composers! Having studied in Italy (resulting in a Master's degree not only in Opera Seria but also in Oratorio), the Hanoverian, an exact contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach, crossed the English Channel in 1711 and immediately felt at home there. In addition to the brilliant and very brassy “Coronation Anthems” (of which football fans know the most famous of the four, “Zadock t...

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1 dates (24 Jul - 24 Jul)





7:30 pm

Gstaad Festival Tent

Gstaad, Switzerland

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This is a past event

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