El Parrandón de la Gran Manzana


El Parrandón de la Gran Manzana

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The Lehman Center for the Performing Arts writes:

EL PARRANDÓN DE LA GRAN MANZANA, is a double celebration concert welcoming the arrival of the Christmas Season and the long awaited REUNION of the original founders of La Gran Manzana - Víctor Roque and Henry Hierro, as well as the leading members; Willy Gomez, Pablo Martinez, Victor Brito and Tony Valdez! For more than 40 years, La Gran Manzana has represented New York City as the most complete Merengue Orchestra. It is a great honor that, after a brief absence from the stage, they are once aga ...


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8:00 pm

Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, New York City, NY, United States