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Laufey with the LA Phil


The Ford link is thrilled to present the spectacular event, Laufey with the LA Phil. Secure your tickets for the incredible show.

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Raised between Washington, D.C. and Reykjavik by Icelandic and Chinese parents, Laufey was classically trained on piano and cello by her mother but found her true love in her father’s jazz album collection. The result, as NME described her 2022 LP, offers “velvet-smooth harmonies, swelling string sections, and the faintest crackle of an old jazz record” that all combine to find the magic in life’s little moments. Laufey’s musical storytelling is ...

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1 dates (16 Sep - 16 Sep)





8:00 pm

The John Anson Ford Theatre

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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This is a past event

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