Freestyle Love Supreme

American Conservatory Theater

San Francisco, CA, United States

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Launching its American tour at the A.C.T.'s Geary Theater, </span><em>Freestyle Love Supreme</em><span> pays homage to John Coltrane's improvisational musical style as it takes audiences on a freestyle, never-before-seen-and-never-to-be-seen-again hip-hop comedy ride. Hailed as “sophisticated and haphazard, hilarious and serious” by </span><em>Rolling Stone</em><span>, no two shows will be alike, as performers—and special guest artists—take suggestions from the audience and spin them into instantaneous riffs and full-length musical numbers. </span>Bay Area audiences will be the very first to see this slam-dunk hit, conceived over 15 years ago and as fresh as today’s Twitter feed.


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